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Empire Whitetails’ focus is on growing healthy, large framed whitetails with solid genetics for the landowner, outfitter & breeder. They are combining the best doe genetics with top producing sires to build one of the strongest deer herds in Texas.  

Empire is best known for breeding to produce wide, typical frames at early breakout ages.  Their facilities are top notch and their deer herd is DNA registered, so you know exactly what genetics you are getting.

Empire Whitetails' facility is permitted through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department as a Scientific Whitetail Breeder Program, permit number TX 3356


The facility is located in Tilden, Texas.

Empire Whitetails Offers:
* Breeder & Stocker Bucks
* Bred & Open Does
* Fawns
* Semen Sales
* Whitetail Breeder Consulting
* Ranch Stocking Program & Services Available

Proud member:

Empire Whitetails - Tilden, Texas  |   email:  phone:   737-265-0180

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